High-End Leather and Luxury Bands for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a classy smartwatch that is often taken for granted. But you can change the game by adding new colors. Get at the frontline by wearing a catchy AppleWatch band.

Why HORUS Straps for AppleWatch?

At HORUS Straps, we knew our customers wanted to be able to fit their Apple Watch with colorful and unique Apple Watch Straps. So, we designed a range of luxury bands for the Apple Watch to our exacting standards so you can customize the most ubiquitous wristwatch on Earth and make it your own. 

  • A wide range of color options. You’re able to pick your favorite color from a solid palette.
  • Quality materials. HORUS Straps are made of heavy-duty leather and rubber to last for years.
  • Soft touch. Once you put your AppleWatch with a HORUS Strap on your wrist, you won’t desire to take it off.
  • Attention to detail. We take care of every band to meet the highest standard. Accurate stitching and solid buckles represent our business card.
  • Easy to put on and take off. HORUS Straps come with preinstalled buckles that are easy to adjust. The tang buckle with a loop secures the band safely.
  • Versatile in use. No matter what your occasion is, here you’ll find a luxury apple watch band that will fit your needs.

Our bands fit the 42mm & 44mm Series of all AppleWatches. When you switch to the newer series, no worries, the band will come in handy. Besides, HORUS Straps fit in an AppleWatch case. This makes installing a new band stress-free. 

Rubber AppleWatch bands are rain- and waterproof. That means a pool party and a summer vacation are not an excuse to drop your fave watch! Just relax and enjoy the look and feel of your designer Apple Watch Bands.

Apple watch bands are also available in bundles.

The Benefits of Wearing Rubber Bands for Apple Watch

Our Horus straps for Apple Watch are super lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can wear the piece all day without feeling any discomfort. And they're also great for working out.

Horus straps for Apple Watch are available in different colors and sizes. There's definitely a strap that will suit your style.

Rubber bands are quite durable. They can last long with proper care. Another great perk is that rubber bands for Apple Watch are easy to clean. You can just rinse them with water and soap.

For those who have an active lifestyle, rubber bands for Apple Watch are a great choice. They're also a good option for those who have sensitive skin. Rubber is water-proof and sweat-resistant. It's also hypoallergenic.

How to Choose a New Strap for Apple Watch?

When choosing a new strap for Apple Watch, consider:

  • The size of the band. Make sure to choose the proper size for your wrist.
  • The color of the band. You can choose a color that matches your Apple Watch or goes well with your outfit.
  • The material of the band. Luxury bands for Apple Watch come in different materials, such as rubber, metal, or leather strap. Choose the one that fits your needs and style.
  • The price of the band. Make sure to pick a strap that fits your budget.

How to Install a Horus Strap for Apple Watch?

Installing a rubber band on your Apple Watch is quite easy! Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Remove the old band from your Apple Watch. Press the release button that is placed on the back of your timepiece and slide out the band.
  2. Take the new Horus strap and thread it through the slot on the side of your smartwatch.
  3. Insert the end of the watch band into the loop and pull it tight.
  4. Press the release button again to lock the band in place.

How to Clean Horus Straps for Apple Watch?

Cleaning your strap for Apple Watch is important to keep them looking new. To clean a rubber band, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can merely use a mild soap if needed.

Storing Bands for Apple Watch

When you're not using your rubber straps, it's important to store them properly. Bands should be stored in a dry and cool place out of direct sunlight. It's also a good idea to keep them in a protective case or bag to prevent them from getting damaged.

Apple Watch Models Compatible with Horus Straps

We offer luxury bands for the Apple Watch of Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6. All Horus straps come preinstalled with a buckle.

Band Sizes for Apple Watch Available on Horus Straps

Our rubber bands are compatible with 42 mm & 44 mm Apple Watch sizes. Horus straps are interchangeable and can be easily switched.

Horus Straps Shipping Policy for Luxury Bands for Apple Watch

Horus straps for Apple Watches are usually shipped out within one business day from the time the product is ordered. In the case of shipments inside the USA, orders are shipped free of charge with FedEx 2-Day shipping. The order will arrive in two business days. If you choose the FedEx Standard Overnight shipping upgrade, orders will arrive the next business day. In the case of International shipments, they are sent via FedEx International Priority. Such shipments typically arrive in two to five business days, depending on the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear Rubber Bands for Apple Watch?

Rubber bands for Apple Watch make it high fashion and bring lots of benefits. First of all, rubber bands are much more comfortable to wear than a stainless steel or leather band for Apple Watch. They don't pinch or rub against your skin like other types of straps can. Secondly, a luxury band for Apple Watch is a lot less likely to cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin, the best designer strap for Apple Watch goes over any other type of strap. Finally, rubber bands for Apple Watch are much easier to clean than others. You can simply rinse them off with soap and water when they get dirty.

How Much Do Horus Straps for Apple Watch Cost?

We offer the best designer bands for Apple Watch at an average cost of $65-$86 per strap. We also offer discounts on a frequent basis.

Do Horus Straps for Apple Watch Have a Warranty?

Horus straps provide a lifetime warranty for rubber straps for Apple Watch. Rest assured you get a solid piece that will serve you for long.

Where Can I Try on Designer Bands for Apple Watch Made by Horus?

If you want to try a strap on your wrist before purchase, we have a range of stores all over the world to visit. Check the nearest spot on our store locator page. Alternatively, shop for our straps for Apple Watch online, where our support team will help you make all things done.

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