We believe your watch should serve as an expression of your personal style, something uniquely your own.

Horus Watch Straps was founded in 2014 by Mark
Margulies in Miami, Florida. Since inception, Horus
has set trends in the watch strap industry, and has
always strived to create a path of its own.


While in college at the University of Florida, Margulies founded Horus as a side business to an already successful business in the fashion industry. Horus was originally started as a company that offered customizable leather straps, granting customers the freedom to select their preferred leather type, color, stitching, lining, fit, and additional specifications.

Some time after, capitalizing on a resurgence of camouflage patterns in the world of fashion, Horus released its camouflage rubber straps - originally in 24mm universal fitment and 42mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore fitment only, and only in red and green.

These were Horus’s first rubber products, and set a trend that has impacted the world of watches to this day, and attracted the attention of numerous collectors and celebrities alike. Following the success of these original rubber straps, Horus went all in on creating the world’s best known aftermarket rubber straps.


A few years following its inception and after Mark’s post-college residency in Los Angeles, Horus relocated to Miami, inaugurating its initial office in the city. This relocation marked the onset of rapid growth, prompting Horus to relocate its offices multiple times before establishing its flagship headquarters and showroom in Miami, FL. Amidst this period of expansion, Horus significantly changed & expanded its team while concentrating on direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales and its global network of Authorized Retailers, which it expanded to encompass over 120 stores.


In response to the evolving modern landscape characterized by a flourishing global community fostered by the internet, as well as a rapidly expanding watch industry, Horus is sharpening its focus on direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales and pioneering product development. Embracing a dynamic approach, Horus's corporate suite has adopted a more mobile strategy, operating from diverse environments and engaging with like-minded individuals within the watch industry and related sectors to propel the brand forward. Our commitment to a DTC model empowers us to deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers and prioritize the enhancement of product quality and innovation, which we regard as paramount within our industry.


Horus remains steadfast in upholding our core values, epitomized by one of our mantras: "more than a watch strap." Moving forward, Horus will embody this ethos by prioritizing brand collaborations, introducing distinctive designs infused with inspiration from the automotive world, diverse cultures, global travels, nature, and more - all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in quality and innovation.


Continuous Innovation: Horus is dedicated to pioneering new and enhanced products within the realm of watches, ensuring our offerings remain at the forefront of innovation.

Customer Engagement: At Horus, we are committed to delivering unparalleled experiences for our customers, maintaining accessibility and responsiveness at all times.

Community Engagement: Horus owes much of its success to the unwavering support of the watch community. With the introduction of our brand partnerships in 2024, Horus is poised to expand its community engagement initiatives further.

Inspire: At Horus, we transcend mere watch straps, inspiring innovation and creativity in everything we do.