Horus Rubber Straps for Cartier Watches

Horus watch bands for Cartier are designed to fit seamlessly and securely onto your watch. They will definitely give your timepiece an extra touch of sophistication and style. With a wide selection of colors and textures, our rubber straps will help you stand out from the crowd without sacrificing comfort or quality.

The Benefits of Wearing Horus Straps for Cartier Watches

Our rubber bands provide extra cushioning on your wrist, reduce wear and tear and keep the Cartier watch comfortable all day long. Horus Straps are also highly durable, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking or snapping even after years of use. They are rain- and weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about water damage. And, of course, rubber is incredibly lightweight, so your Cartier watch won’t feel heavy or bulky on your wrist.

How to Install a Horus Strap to Cartier Watch

Installing a rubber band onto a Cartier watch is an easy process. There's a little lever on the back of the timepiece, which you can use to open the clasp and slide on the rubber band. It's easy to do, but it might take a few shots before you get it right. You’ll need some small tools like tweezers, screwdrivers, or pliers in order to secure the rubber band onto your watch. Once you remove the old rubber band, it's easy to slide the new Horus rubber band onto your Cartier watch.

What Is the Best Way to Store Horus Straps with Cartier Watches?

When you're not wearing your rubber bands for Cartier, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Get the piece away from direct sunlight and moisture. Try to keep the Horus rubber band away from other rubber-based items like rubber mouse rugs or rubber erasers. This will help prevent any damage that could occur due to exposure to those materials. A leather travel watch case is an ace place to keep your Cartier watch and its strap, as it will help them stay safe and secure while you travel.

How to Care for Horus Straps for Cartier

Tips for Rubber Straps

Horus straps are crafted from premium rubber, boasting a combination of softness, flexibility, and durability. Nonetheless, they must be cared for and maintained appropriately to ensure their longevity.

  • Regularly clean the strap by rinsing it with fresh water. Gently scrub away any dirt, sweat, or oils that may have accumulated on the rubber strap or underside using a soft-bristle toothbrush and mild soap. Avoid getting any water on the watch case.
  • After cleaning, ensure to rinse off any remaining soap residue and gently dry with a soft cloth. Let the bracelet air dry completely before wearing or storing the timepiece.
  • To maintain the quality and longevity of your rubber strap, regularly apply a specialized conditioner or moisturizer every few weeks. This will ensure that your Horus Strap remains flexible and avoids issues such as drying out, cracking, or becoming brittle. Gently massage the conditioner into the strap for optimal results.
  • Avoid exposing the strap to oils, grease, chemicals, solvents, or any other harsh elements. Such exposure may lead to premature degradation of the rubber. If the strap does come into contact with any harsh substances, clean it off promptly.
  • Store your accessories appropriately when not in use, away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, humidity, or dust. These factors can expedite the degradation of the rubber material.

Tips for Elastic Straps

Our brand-new elastic straps for Cartier watches offer exceptional comfort and flexibility. Maintaining them properly will preserve their shape, elasticity, and appearance for an extended period.

  • To clean, use a combination of gentle soap and water, applying it delicately with a soft-bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid machine washing.
  • Refrain from getting perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, sunscreens, or cleaning agents on the strap, as they have the potential to cause staining or weaken the elastic fibers.
  • After getting the band wet, gently pat it with an absorbent cloth. Avoid wringing, ironing, dry cleaning, or tumble drying the elastic strap. Excessive heat may harm its elasticity.
  • To regain elasticity after stretching, gently hold the ends of the relaxed band and immerse the middle section in water that is close to the boiling point for about 30 seconds. Afterward, remove the elastic strap, gently pat it dry, and do not wear it until it is completely dry.
  • Store your items horizontally or hang them up, avoiding direct sunlight, heaters, or AC vents. Take care not to fold the elastic or store it under tension.

By adhering to these guidelines, your elastic or rubber strap for Cartier will remain comfortable and flawless for elegant daily wear.

Cartier Watch Models Compatible with Horus Straps

Currently, we're offering elegant rubber straps for Ronde Solo de Cartier and Cartier Santos 100 XL.

Shipping Policy of Horus Straps for Cartier Watches

Our watch bands for Cartier are shipped out within one business day from the time the order is placed. Shipments within the USA are shipped free of charge with FedEx 2-Day shipping and will arrive in two business days. If you choose to upgrade to FedEx Standard Overnight shipping, packages will arrive the next business day. International shipments are sent via FedEx International Priority and typically arrive in two to five business days, depending on the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rubber Bands Good for Cartier?

Yes, rubber bands are an excellent way to keep your Cartier timepiece secure. Our watch straps for Cartier watches are made from high-quality material and will last for years. They will also add new colors to your luxury watch, giving it a new look.

Elastic vs Rubber Strap for Cartier - Which One to Pick?

Elastic straps by Horus conform to the shape of the wrist, offering flexibility and comfort. In contrast, rubberstraps provide durability and resistance to oils and chemicals. Elastic straps have a sleek appearance but require delicate cleaning and drying to avoid damaging the elastic fibers. On the other hand, rubber straps can be scrubbed and rinsed vigorously. Both elastic and rubber straps for Cartier watches are available in various colors to suit any outfit.

How Much Do Watch Bands for Cartier Cost?

The average price of Horus Strap for Cartier watches is $155-$205.

Does Horus Straps Have a Warranty?

Horus rubber bands for Cartier watch come with a lifetime warranty. So you can rest assured that your timepiece is covered by the highest quality watch bands available.

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