Four Watch Bands for Your Rose Gold Apple Watch

Four Watch Bands for Your Rose Gold Apple Watch

While we are your typical watch nerds here at Horus Straps, it is fair to say that we are huge fans of the Apple Watch too. From its market-leading technology to its timeless design and incredible utility, the Apple Watch has quickly become a prominent feature on our arms while we cycle, run, swim, drive, walk and go about our daily lives, much like everyone else who has come to love this wearable piece of technology.

With all of its great benefits aside, the Apple Watch is still something we can personalize and make our own, so when we brought out our collection of Horus Straps for the Apple Watch, we made sure we had every aesthetic nailed. One particularly luxurious aesthetic that we’d like to talk through today is figuring out what watch bands look good with the rose gold Apple Watch. If we’ve learned anything from traditional timepieces is what does and doesn’t go with rose gold, so let’s explore some of the rose gold luxury Apple Watch bands.

Jet Black

As we can see from the Rolex GMT-Master II Rootbeer here, our jet black Horus Strap works fantastically to contrast the subtle warmth of the Rootbeer’s 18ct rose gold construction. Pairing this with the Rootbeer’s black dial, the black strap ties the whole aesthetic together wonderfully. This would be the same with the rose gold Apple Watch as it features a similar case color and a black dial that would match our jet black Apple Watch strap perfectly, ensuring a black watch band would look great with the rose gold apple watch.

Orange Camo

Using the Rolex Rootbeer as our guinea pig again, we see that a bright strap option works wonderfully with its warm 18ct rose gold metal case. Our Orange Camo Horus strap complements the copper undertones present in the rose gold. In the same vein, our Orange Camo Apple Watch strap would be a perfect match for the rose gold Apple Watch thanks to the plethora of orange shades working to accentuate the copper undertones present within the rose gold Apple Watch.

Miami Blue

Moving on from using the Rootbeer as our indicator, we have a stunning rose gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubberclad sitting on our Miami Blue Horus Strap that works with the rose gold color by making the entire watch a statement piece through its clear contrast. Of course, this very same effect would come through on the rose gold Apple Watch and make your rose gold Apple Watch utterly unique to you. 


Continuing with the theme of using a watch twice to explore what watch straps go with the rose gold Apple Watch, we have the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubberclad on our solid red Horus Strap and it works under the same premise as the Orange Camo strap we mentioned earlier. As rose gold is made by mixing copper with regular yellow gold, it has red and orange undertones that a red or orange strap will pair brilliantly with, and so too would a rose gold Apple Watch.

What and Why?

So, there you have it, four watch strap choices that we think will look great with the rose gold Apple Watch. Jet Black to contrast the metal and match the dial, Orange Camo and Red to bring out the red and orange undertones within the rose gold metal, and our signature Miami Blue to turn the entire watch into a statement piece that reflects your confidence and unique sense of style. If you'd like to explore our entire range of Apple Watch bands please feel free to click here.