Rolex GMT - A Timeless Watch with Multiple Identities

Rolex GMT - A Timeless Watch with Multiple Identities

Released in 1955 so Pan American World Airways pilots could track more than one time zone, the Rolex GMT-Master is one of Rolex’s most collectable models. Its famous bi-colored rotating bezel is perhaps its most distinguishable feature. While the bezel being bi-colored is functional in that there is a distinction between daylight and night-time, it also serves as a way to give the watch its own unique look among Rolex’s other offerings. The additional benefit of the bi-colored bezel is that it allows the watch to be easily customized with a variety of different watch band styles and colors.

While Rolex has continuously updated the GMT-Master II throughout its lifetime with thicker lugs, varying distance between the lugs, and a taller case to accommodate more significant movements, it has never been given a rubber strap. One great way to really individualize your Rolex GMT-Master or Master II is to use a custom rubber strap, which can transform your Rolex into an extension of your personality.

Watch Bands for Rolex Pepsi

The first bezel color combination seen on the GMT-Master was red and blue. This color combination has since affectionately been known as the “Rolex Pepsi” bezel. It has consistently been one of Rolex’s most popular bezel combinations, partly because of how instantly recognizable it is, and partly because of how quintessentially Rolex the look is.

While it’s a classic watch, wearers who are looking to put their own style spin on the GMT-Master have several great options. For example, a red rubber strap is a great way to have the blue and red in the bezel truly make a statement. 

Watch Bands for Rolex Coke

The next most historic GMT-Master model would have to be the Rolex “Coke” bezel, so named because it is red and black. The Rolex Coke bezel was not available until the Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 16760 was offered in 1983, and was discontinued in 2007. Its popularity among vintage collectors spurs the rumor-mill into action every year right around the time of BaselWorld, as enthusiasts dream of its return back to Rolex’s catalog.

Due to the red and black bezel, our red camo strap is our strap of choice for the Coke.


Watch Bands for the Rolex Batman

The newest bezel color combination on the GMT-Master II is the Rolex Batman bezel, so named because it is blue and black. This bezel was only released in 2013 on the Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116710 and has since ballooned in popularity as its darker bezel subtly hints at both the Coke and Pepsi bezels, by taking a color from each.

Our most popular strap for the Rolex Batman is our blue camo strap, as seen below.


With the different bezel color combinations of the Rolex Pepsi, Rolex Coke, and Rolex Batman being so revered, why not use your new Rolex watch bands to accentuate these pops of color? You can use a bi-colored rubber strap whereby one strap is blue or black, and the other is red or blue. You can also use digital or traditional camo to incorporate the Rolex Coke or Rolex Batman bezel colors along the whole rubber strap. If you prefer a more understated watch strap, you can use an all-black carbon fiber strap with red or blue stitching to match the bezel of your Rolex Pepsi, Rolex Coke, or Rolex Batman. The options are endless! Shop our selection of watch bands for Rolex GMT Master II online today and get free 2 day shipping in the U.S.  and free worldwide shipping with the purchase of two or more straps.