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A Look At The New Panerai 2021 Novelties

Panerai 2021 Novelties PAM01225

As fans of watchmaking, we often wait for brands to release their new watches with bated breath. What colors will they use? What changes will they make? What complications will they feature? What design will they focus on? The list of questions continues until our questions are finally answered, and we get to see what we made all of the fuss about. With Panerai's latest batch of 2021 novelties, it seems they've given us a bit of everything. Ten models across six different collections, we're sure you'll see something you like because we certainly do!

Panerai Submersible eLAB-ID PAM01225

Kicking things off, we have a nice burst of ingenuity and eco-friendliness from the Italian brand. A piece of Panerai's LAB-ID collection, the new Submersible eLAB-ID PAM01225 contains the highest percentage of recycled materials ever used in a timepiece. Constructed of 98.6% recycled material, the PAM01225 is made of EcoTitanium; itself made of 80% recycled content. Thanks to this incredible aerospace-grade metal, the PAM01225 is lightweight and looks stunning. With recycled silicon in its escapement and recycled SuperLuminova, this piece pushes Panerai's eco-conscious agenda to the next level, and we hope more watchmakers follow in their footsteps.

Offered in a 44mm brushed EcoTitanium case with a grey sandwich EcoTitanium dial, recycled Grigio Roccia fabric strap with light blue lume-matching stitching, and trapezoidal EcoTitanium buckle – this is quite the beauty. We can't help but wonder, though, what would this look like on our Miami Blue rubber band for Panerai? That's what dreams are made of.

Panerai Luminor Marina eSteel PAM1358, PAM1356 & PAM1157

Continuing with Panerai's ecowarrior vibes, the eSteel collection feature 89 grams of recycled material – or roughly 58% of their weight. While some brands might have just released the eLAB-ID PAM01225 we spoke about earlier and called it a day, Panerai is rather serious about their impact on the Earth. It also must be said, this is no surprise given Panerai's incredible investment into their material technology over the last few years. We applaud Panerai for this!

Offered in 44mm brushed eSteel cases, these three timepieces feature either a grey "Grigio Roccia" gradient eSteel dial (PAM1358), a green "Verde Smeraldo" gradient eSteel (PAM1356) dial, or a blue "Blu Profondo" gradient eSteel dial (PAM1157) and come fitted with dial-matching PET recycled straps. Beautiful like many other Luminor Marinas, they don't push the envelope aesthetically but make up for it with their material's technological advancement.

Panerai Luminor Chrono 44mm PAM1110, PAM1218 & PAM1109

Moving out of the recycled material space, we have the first of the complicated novelties, with familiar chronograph designs based in the Luminor collection. Featuring all of Panerai's iconic design hallmarks, with clear inspiration from Panerai's early chronographs, this trio of novelties offers some seriously gorgeous design. Each offered in 44mm stainless steel cases, the deviation comes from their dials - which interestingly use a color unique to the chrono second's hand and chrono minute hand to promote legibility against whatever dial provides the backdrop.

The PAM1110 comes with a blue dial with satiné Soleil finishing and a brushed and polished steel bracelet. The PAM1218 comes with a white matte finish dial and two straps, a black alligator leather strap, and an additional blue rubber strap, while the PAM1109 comes with the same two straps but a matte black dial. Each visually unique, these three timepieces are linked to Panerai's next novelty through the new single barrel automatic cal. P.2000 movement with a rather mediocre 42-hours of power reserve.

Panerai Luminor Chrono Monopulsante GMT Blue Notte PAM01135

photo: panerai.com

With the normal production novelties out of the way, the subsequent three releases are all limited edition. Kicking us off, we have the PAM01135, a mono-pusher chronograph with a GMT function, 8-day power reserve, and 100m of water resistance. Capable enough to handle pretty much every use for a timepiece, the PAM01135 is powered by the cal. P.2004 manually-wound movement, which is on display thanks to this piece's exhibition caseback.

Featuring a 44mm matte black ceramic case and a stunning blue "Blu Notte" dial with satiné Soleil finishing, this 200-piece limited edition watch has to be one of the best-looking releases from Panerai this year. It is fitted to a calfskin strap and sold with an additional blue rubber strap, meaning you can wear it to formal and casual events alike.

Panerai Luminor Luna Rossa Chrono PAM01303

photo: panerai.com

Next up, we have another limited edition chronograph offering that is dedicated to sailboat racing professionals and Panerai's long-term partners Luna Rossa. Similar to the previously mentioned PAM1110, PAM1218, and PAM1109, this PAM01303 comes with a gorgeous 44mm brushed stainless steel case with a rich blue sandwich dial with satiné Soleil finishing and a pair of bi-material rubber and fabric straps. Limited to 1000 pieces, this will undoubtedly be quite a hit amongst sailboat racing fans.

Panerai Submersible Bronzo Blu Abisso PAM01074

Finally, rounding off Panerai's 2021 novelties, we have another Submersible, the PAM01074. Made of bronze, or Bronzo, as Panerai calls it, this 42mm 1000-piece limited edition will surely catch the attention of Paneristi, who want exclusivity and great Panerai design all wrapped up into one stunning bronze package.

Fitted with a P.900 cal. movement, this automatic piece features 72 hours of power reserve and an incredible deep blue dial that matches its blue rubber strap as well as its vintage-inspired blue suede strap.


With these ten incredible watches, the expectations are high for another great year from the Italian brand. With 9 of the 10 pieces weighing in at a rather sizeable 44mm, it won't be a surprise when Panerai focuses on some smaller models later on in the year. So if you're disappointed by the larger sizes this year, keep an eye out for smaller novelties, as Panerai does tend to sprinkle some releases during the year. Watches and Wonder Shanghai will likely have a few new smaller models. More more information, please visit panerai.com.

April 08

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