Ways to Style Your Apple Watch

Ways to Style Your Apple Watch

Change your strap, transform your Apple Watch.

Everyone knows the Apple Watch for its ubiquity in the modern technological landscape, but few really appreciate it as a customizable accessory. Like any watch, you can dress it up or down depending on what Apple Watch Strap you have on. The Apple Watch is worn with its standard straps so frequently nowadays that people don’t register that you are wearing one anymore. Here are 3 ways that you can reclaim the Apple watch as an extension of your style, just by changing its strap, and transforming its look.

Rubber Straps for the Purist and Active

Rubber has been the main Apple Watch Strap material of choice ever since the watch came out, so it makes sense that it is the purist’s choice for their Apple Watch Strap. Rubber is renowned for being stretchy, comfortable, waterproof and incredibly durable so it also affords great wearability to you if you live an active lifestyle.

You can add your own sense of style to this choice by wearing a colored rubber Apple Watch strap. If you want to make a statement with your Apple Watch and show your own sense of personality, then a solid color bright rubber strap is for you.

Camo bands are another way that you can really showcase your exciting sense of style, but in a more unique way than the bright solid colored rubber straps.


Leather Apple Watch Bands for the Professional

Leather has been used for watch straps ever since wristwatches became commonplace, and for good reason. As a natural material, leather makes for a perfect Apple Watch band. It’s durable, breathable, and perfectly suited to when you need that extra boost of formality while staying casual. It’s luxury and wearability in perfect harmony for those looking for a professional looking Apple Watch Strap that can be worn straight out of the office and paired with other leather accessories.

Investing in a few Apple Watch bands is a simple way to diversify the use of your watch. Horus Watch Straps offers several styles of straps to fit any scenario or personal style. Take a look at our strap bundles, which allow you to purchase multiple straps at a discounted price. With the wide variety of colors, materials, and patterns that we offer, you'll never get bored of your Apple Watch and it will serve you well for years to come.