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11 Blogs to Read If You Want to Know Everything About Watches

11 Blogs to Read If You Want to Know Everything About Watches

The wonderful world of horology is undoubtedly a rather big and scary world to dip your toes into as someone with just an interest in watches. From dial-making techniques and movement finishes to complications and the hundreds of years of history, it's a lot to digest, get to grips with and make sense of and understand. So, where might a budding horologist go so that they can learn everything the hobby has to teach? Well, we'll tell you exactly where in this list of 11 blogs to read to learn everything you'll need to know about watches.


1. Hodinkee

Founded by Ben Clymer in 2014 and based in New York City, is perhaps where every watch enthusiast starts to learn about the general news within the watchmaking industry, begins to unravel the magical world of horological history, and get a taste for in-depth topics such as how complications work and so on. Featuring some of the best watch writers in the business, Hodinkee is one of the best solutions when it comes to learning about watches. Furthermore, they have a podcast, Youtube channel, and an incredible e-Store with some amazing watches and other accessories. Don't buy their straps, though; you don't have to look anywhere past us here at Horus Straps for those.

2. Wristcheck


Where Hodinkee has become a household name in the watchmaking industry thanks to their incredible longevity, is the new kid on the block, with the website just launching in 2021. Founded by famed watch collector and Audemars Piguet collaborator Austen Chu (@Horoloupe on Instagram), Wristcheck is based in Hong Kong as a holistic approach to watch collecting. Operating as a watch retailer, Wristcheck serves to educate its customers via their incredible blog with articles ranging from reviews on the latest releases to comparison articles between iconic models, interviews, and so much more.

3. Bobs Watches

Bobs Watches

Another large watch retailer,, is a US-based watch dealer that has been around for a long time. Aside from their outstanding stock and impressive reputation, Bobs operates an incredible blog with an insane backlog of articles detailing just about everything horology has to offer. Where some blogs will lack knowledge, Bobswatches will probably be able to help you in some way, thanks to their incredible wealth of content.

4. A Collected Man

A Collected Man

Like our last three blogs, is another watch retailer that sports one of the most comprehensive watch blogs in the industry. Ranging from extreme in-depth articles covering the minutiae within the industry to daily industry news, A Collected Man publishes longer articles than most and thus caters to watch collectors with a solid foundation already built. Perhaps not the best place for a beginner to start, certainly make your way here as you begin to broaden your understanding of the horological world.

5. Revolution Watch

Revolution Watch

Based in Singapore, was founded by Wei Koh and is our final blog to make this list in the traditional sense. Revolution Watch is an online-based magazine with a comprehensive editorial that covers just as much as every other watch blog that we have listed here. With articles ranging from auction news, history, technical, reviews, and even their own podcast, Revolution watch is a one-stop shop for all things watches.


6. Rescapement


Moving away from regular watch blogs takes us to, one of the industry's leading news and educational resources with a focus on Rolex, Cartier, vintage, auction results, and quirky stories. Ran as a weekly newsletter, Rescapement is an incredible resource that you should sign up to so you can stay up to date without any work. Furthermore, follow @Rescapement on Instagram!

7. Timepiece History

Timepiece History

While not a blog in the traditional sense, @TimepieceHistory is an Instagram page dedicated to the history of horology with a specific focus on iconic watches with unique stories. Condensing the history of some of watchmaking's most important watches within a single post, with rarely multi-part posts, Timepiece History is a great page to follow to get some educational content on your timeline without the need to research anything yourself.

8. Horology Ancienne

Horology Ancienne

Rounding off our list of Instagram-based blogs is @Horology_Ancienne, an incredible collector duo consisting of a father and son who love horology and all that it offers. With their incredible depth of knowledge accumulated over decades of collection watches, their posts are informative, wide-ranging, and completely without an agenda or bias towards any single brand. Definitely give them a follow!




Moving on from text-based blogs, we end up on the Youtube side of watchmaking, where some of the most informative and easily-digestible pieces of horology content exists. While there are tens, if not hundreds, of excellent watch Youtubers, Watchfinder, the UK-based Richemont-owned watch retailer, is perhaps one of the largest and best quality. With excellently-shot video essays, this is an incredible place to come to learn about everything watchmaking has to offer

10. Crown and Caliber

Crown and Caliber

While Watchfinder's Youtube channel might be about slow-motion shots, macros, and time-lapses, Crown and Caliber are all about the fun of watchmaking, with several different series that each explore different facts of horology. With different hosts demonstrating different areas and levels of expertise, this is another excellent place to come learn about watches.

11. WatchBox Studios

WatchBox Studios

Last but not least is one of the most in-depth watch reviews resources on the internet, WatchBox Studios. Hosted by Tim Mosso, Watchbox's videos are, strictly speaking, reviews of watches Watchbox has for sale, but they also exist as an incredible resource to learn about how a watch looks, feels, and wears in real life. With Tim's incredible narration, consistent videography, and attention to detail, WatchBox Studios is an amazing place to learn about the watches you love, because we will undoubtedly wager that if you can name it, Tim Mosso has reviewed it.

So, there you have it, 11 amazing blogs to read if you want to know everything about watches. While this list is undoubtedly a great place to start across several different media and websites, it is not an exhaustive list, with Facebook groups, other blogs, Podcasts, Youtube channels, and Instagram pages all supplying excellent content too. Once you get started, you'll grow accustomed to different sites and blogs and find your favorites, that's for sure.

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