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How to Change Your Apple Watch Strap

How to Change Your Apple Watch Strap

Founded on the principle that one of the keys to enjoying watch ownership is the ability to customize your straps, we at Horus straps take the art of strap changing pretty seriously. For one, we have our own set of premium watch strap changing tools, but for some watches, those tools aren't needed - one of those watches is the Apple Watch. So, if you don't need tools to change the strap on an Apple Watch, just how do you do it? Let's explore below.

Find a New Strap

Well, it might seem obvious, but crucial to changing anything on a watch is simply finding the thing you will replace it with, which is Apple Watch straps in this instance. Of course, like any watch, you need to make sure the strap is the right size. The 38mm and 40mm Apple watch straps are the same size, as are the 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch straps - even between generations. Also, luckily for you, we have an extensive array of Horus Apple Watch straps available in leather and rubber, and if you feel like you'd like to be able to change it up, we have bundle deals available too! Have your new straps at the ready? Let's go!

Changing a Silicone Strap

To change a silicone watch strap, or any two-piece strap, on your Apple Watch, you will need to do the following:

  1. Place the Apple Watch display-side down over a clean surface or hold the Apple Watch firmly. This is so the strap release buttons are in view.
  2. Press and hold these release buttons one at a time and slide the corresponding band out of its slot. It can be removed from either direction. Use whichever is more comfortable for you.
  3. If the strap is not moving, press the release button again and hold it while you try to slide the strap out of the slot.
  4. To add your new strap, simply orient the strap correctly, so any text on the strap is facing you, and slide the strap into the slot from either side until you hear a click and the strap stops moving.

Changing a Milanese Loop Watch Strap

To remove a Milanese Loop, you will largely follow the same steps as outlined above for a silicone strap. In 2018 the Milanese Loop was redesigned so that this process could be done more easily.

If you have a Milanese Loop strap from 2018 onwards, you should be able to slide the magnetic end of the strap through the strap connector, allowing you to remove the strap precisely as outlined before as it will be in two separate parts. If your strap is from before 2018 and cannot come through the loop, you will need to follow the same steps as outlined above, but with some more difficulty, as your strap and strap connectors will remain in one part.

Changing a Link Bracelet

Unlike removing a Milanese Loop, removing Apple's Link Bracelet from your Apple Watch requires that you separate the Link Bracelet into two halves, as it lacks the flexibility to be removed in one piece. As such, do not try to force your Link Bracelet while removing it; you could irreparably damage it.

  1. To start, turn your watch upside down and place it over a clean surface or hold it firmly and open the butterfly clasp by pushing the release buttons on either side of the bracelet ends.
  2. Next, identify one of the quick-release buttons on the inside of the bracelet. These are found on the back of the links.
  3. Hold down one of these quick release buttons on the inside of the bracelet and carefully pull the two links on either side of it apart. Your Link Bracelet should now be separated into two pieces.
  4. Now that your Link Bracelet is in two pieces, you can follow the straps outlined above for changing a silicone strap. Press the strap release buttons on the back of the Apple Watch and slide the Link Bracelet out of each of the two slots.
  5. Now, slide in your new strap and enjoy your Apple Watch in all of its newly customized glory!

If you are repping any of our Horus Apple Watch straps, be sure to post a picture on Instagram or Facebook, and feel free to tag us @HorusStraps; you never know; it might just make its way onto our feed or into our newsletters!

October 06

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