Watch Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Watch Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Watch Trends To Look Out For In 2021

As we welcome a new year, there are new watch trends to consider. And it’s looking like it’s time to give the full stainless steel sports watches with classic colored dials a break (at least for a little while)— because this year is all about wearing watches with drama. From livelier tones and bold patterns to ultra-luxe metals and technically impressive complications, here are some of the latest watch trends to stay on top of in 2021. 

 Bright Colors

As we look for bright spots this year, one watch trend that’ll follow suit is the emergence of brightly colored watches. Why restrict yourself to muted blacks, silvers, champagnes, and browns when there’s a generous buffet of candy-colored options out there? 


 While blues and greens will always be popular options in the luxury watch space, livelier shades like red, orange, and yellow will be everywhere. In fact, Pantone deemed “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” as the Colors of the Year for 2021 where the latter is a sunny yellow tone. 


Rolex recently rolled out a new Oyster Perpetual lineup with a kaleidoscope of bright dials, Breitling dropped the vibrant Endurance Pro range, Audemars Piguet added fresh hues to the Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph assortment—and who can forget Richard Mille’s whimsical Bonbon collection. Whether on dials, bezels, or straps, we’ll no doubt see more top-tier timepiece brands add pops of colors to their catalogs in 2021. 

If you can’t wait for your favorite brand to release a watch in the color you want, one quick and easy way to jump on this latest watch trend is to switch out your straightforward metal bracelet or discreet leather band for brightly colored HORUS straps. We’ve recently added a slew of new colors too, so check those out before they’re gone. 

 Bold Patterns 

For the fashion-forward, pairing watches with patterned straps is instant style delivered. And for this season, the bolder the print the better. 

Classic camouflage in unexpected colors is always a solid choice while the pixelated digi camo look adds another layer of intrigue. But don’t overlook playful prints like fanciful floral, bandana paisley, and animal themes either, which were motifs splattered all over the (virtual) fashion runways for spring/summer 2021 and will expectedly spillover into wristwear too. 


 Luxurious Metals & Precious Gemstones

Blame it on the shortage of steel watches or maybe on our collective need to go extra this year to make up for lost time, but watches in luxurious precious metals like gold and platinum will be one of the biggest watch trends to surface in 2021. Gold doesn’t have to be limited to just yellow tones either, there’s also white, red, and rose to consider.

The fascination with gemstone-encrusted watches will continue to dominate this year, ranging from pieces iced-out in classic diamonds to watches gleaming with a spectrum of colorful gemstones. Yes, rainbow watches from the likes of Rolex, AP, and Hublot are still very on-trend, as are diamond-blanketed timepieces from houses like Patek, Jacob & Co., and more.



When it comes to mechanical complications, none bring as much drama to the table as the tourbillon does. Characterized by an open cage on the dial with a balance wheel that typically makes one full rotation every 60 seconds, the tourbillon continuously whirls away to hypnotize anyone who sets eyes upon it.


Though the tourbillon is hardly new (it was invented in 1795 by Abraham-Louis Breguet to negate the effects of gravity on stationary pocket watches), this eye-popping mechanism that was once only appreciated by select watch connoisseurs is now being enjoyed by a larger audience. Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jacob & Co., and Vacheron Constantin have all recently added new tourbillon watches to their collections in anticipation of what is likely to be one of this year’s biggest watch trends in high horology. Plus, brands like Richard Mille, MB&F, and Bulgari are making sure that they have a fantastic selection of tourbillon watches for ladies too. 

 But make no mistake, a tourbillon is still extremely complex to build, therefore only a handful of watch brands can do it right and subsequently, charge hefty prices for them. However, for those who can indulge in this mechanical marvel, it’s certainly worth it. 

Whether you opt for colors, patterns, fine materials, or complications, the main theme that threads throughout these 2021 watch trends is to go big or go home.